Bulk Biodiesel & Fuel Delivery

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We provide biodiesel in bulk quantities for vehicle fleets, farm equipment, construction equipment, petroleum bulk plants, heating oil, and other on-road and off-road uses. We sell biodiesel in quantities from 100 to 7,500 gallons.

We can deliver biodiesel to your location or you can pick it up at our factory near Hickory, NC, or our fuel distribution hub in Asheville, NC. You can also purchase our biodiesel in bulk from several local fuel distribution companies.

We’d be happy to talk with you about how we can meet your fuel needs. With questions or orders, please use our Biodiesel Online Order Form and a representative will reach out to you.

Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel is comparable in cost to petro-diesel bulk fuel, but it offers great advantages:

  • Biodiesel is better for your engines, because it has higher lubricity than petro-diesel, reducing wear and tear and saving you money.
  • Biodiesel gives your business another selling point with customers who want to support clean air, energy independence, and local jobs.
  • Biodiesel supports local jobs at our expanding biodiesel factory, area restaurants that supply used cooking oil, and farms growing oil crops.
  • Biodiesel is made from local, renewable resources, which strengthens our energy independence.
  • Biodiesel produces far less air pollution, so we can have fresh air, clear views, and a healthy environment.

Blue Ridge Biofuels — a full service fuel provider based in Western North Carolina

It’s not just our sustainable, high-quality fuel that sets us apart. At Blue Ridge Biofuels, we go the distance to provide outstanding customer service.

We provide all of the services that you expect from your fuel provider—and more. We can set up credit accounts, make scheduled deliveries, provide next day service, supply a tank for fuel trials, and work with your maintenance team on any questions you have about using biodiesel.

We also look for every opportunity to help our customers get the full benefit of biodiesel as a selling point for their business. We provide window decals, bumper stickers, and yard signs (for BioHeat). In addi- tion, we promote our business customers whenever we can in our newsletters, website, and social media.

What Our Bulk Customers Are Saying

Every time we purchase biodiesel for our tractors and trucks, we are supporting the local economy, new green jobs, cleaner air, and domestic fuel production.

— Gaia Herbs Green Team

Better fuel economy, better running trucks, and cleaner air. I have been encouraging everyone to use biodiesel.

— Jonathan Unger, Warren Wilson College

Not only do we appreciate the environmental benefits of biodiesel, we have found that our old buses get better gas mileage and run smoother than ever before.

— Korey Hampton, French Broad River Expeditions

We will continue to use Blue Ridge Biofuels in the future because I can’t imagine better quality and service.

— Dylan Burt, Navitat


We’ll bring your biodiesel to you — delivering any amount from 100 gallons to 7,500 gallons. You can also pick up your fuel order from our factory near Hickory, NC or our distribution hub in Asheville, NC.

We can fill your transport tanker, tank wagon, portable fuel tank, or 55-gallon drums. We can & provide a drum or a tank if you need one.

You can also order bulk biodiesel from a number of local fuel distribution companies including Peak Energy, Grace Fuel, and Henderson Oil.

It’s easy to order biodiesel with Biodiesel Online Order Form. You can also call us at 828-253-1034, or email info@blueridgebiofuels.com.