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    Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons. We also sell 55 gallon drums from our facility in Asheville, NC.

    Fuel Local with Sustainable Biodiesel! All our fuel is made from used cooking oil and we are BQ9000 certified meeting ASTM specifications.

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    BioHeat acts as a solvent and will clean out your fuel tank. In 2%-3% of homes using BioHeat excessive sludge in the storage tanks can lead to clogged fuel filters and stuck fuel pumps.

    Some technicians may replace a stuck pump instead of repairing it, but replacing a pump does not address the sludgy root of the problem. Moving the draw pipe further off the bottom of the tank and/or installing a simple return fuel line called a Tiger loop prevents excessive sludge from damaging your furnace components.

    If you experience furnace issues call Alpine Heating at 828-778-3675.

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